Yoga/Pilates Class Descriptions -
Yoga/Pilates Class Descriptions


If you are new to yoga there is Yoga Basics offered every 6 weeks to get you started. From here you can explore to find the style of yoga that best fits your lifestyle.


Power yoga:
This class offers a vigourois flow of yoga poses designed to build strength, increase muscle tone and make you sweat.

Hot yoga:
Room heated to 100 degrees. A Hot Yoga class is practiced linking movement to breath. The heat allows us to mindfully dive deeper into the poses and detoxify the body. You leave feeling strengthened, lengthened and cleansed. Prior yoga experience is recommended.

Flow yoga:
This class takes yoga poses and strings them together in a vinyasa (flow) to create a graceful yet challenging class. There are times when poses are held longer or explored a bit deeper.

Power Yoga Basics:
This class is designed to teach the fundamentals of a power flow class for those of you new to yoga but desire a more strenuous class. Taking this class before Power yoga is recommended especially for new students.

Slow Power Flow:
A flowing vinyasa style of yoga that uses heat to help stretch the muscles deeper and detox the body.

Yoga Tone:
Yoga Tone offers both classic yoga postures and flow with the addition of therabands to tone the legs and upper body. Not only do the therabands strengthen yoga postures but they are great for all over tone. This class will make you sweat but will end with time to relax and leave you restored yet energized.

Better Bones Yoga:
Designed as a balanced yoga practice. Giving you all the positive benefits of weight-bearing exercise without negative wear and tear on the joints! Builds strength, flexibility and brings benefits of aerobic exercise through the breath.

Yin Yoga:
Yin Yoga is the perfect compliment to the more active types of yoga and physical activity. In a yin class you will target the connective tissue (joints, ligaments, tendons) in the body. Through longer deeper holds you will increase range of motion. Through this quieter deeper practice you will explore your own limitations mentally and physically.. Through Yin Yoga you will find greater possibilities in yourself.

Yoga For Wellness I
Open to students who want the benefits of yoga with out the flow component. In level I you will learn the basics while building strength and flexibility. You will also spend time working with your breath to create ease of body and mind.

Yoga For Wellness II
This class is for those who have a basic understanding of yoga and will focus on building strength and endurance as well as core strength. Though there is not a flow component to this class you will be challenged and will leave feeling stronger and more relaxed.

Pilates Floor Work:
Traditional Pilates based workout.

Healthy Backs Yoga
Use yoga to feel great. Targeting our back body, a yoga class for all levels to help our aching backs. We will work together strengthening and stretching with acceptance for our own personal strengths and limitations. A fun yoga class that will encourage you to feel good as you are practicing and after class as well.

Vinyasa Yoga
This practice lends deeply interegrated alignment principles with fluid Vinyasa flows, a practice where both power and grace unite. This class is perfect for those who like to both find and lose themselves in the context of evolving their self-awareness on the mat.