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Family Swim Policies

Pool Information:

-Heated out door pools (East/North)
 East Pool Open March - Dec. North Pool Open April - Oct.
-Indoor Lap Pool - year round (Downtown)
-Heated Therapy Pool (Downtown)

Downtown: 18.2 meters.  1 mile=88 lengths (44 laps)

East: 22.86 meters. 1 mile = 72 lengths (36 laps)

North: 25 meters. 1 mile= 64 lengths (32 laps)

Aquatic Programs and Swim Lessons

Water Aerobics classes and Adapted Aquatic classes offer challenging moves for all fitness levels and require no swimming ability. These classes combine excellent water resistance for muscular conditioning and decreased impact to the joints, due to buoyancy. Doctors recommend aquatic exercise to those who are overweight, who are new to exercise, or patients with arthritis, joint and back problems, osteoporosis, or those who are rehabilitating an injury. Water Aerobics classes are offered year-round at the Downtown location and seasonally at the North and East locations. Check the pool schedule under the calendar/schedules tab on our website for the many classes available at the location of your choice and simply show up.

For your recreational enjoyment try our (just for fun) water volleyball at our downtown location.

Lap swimmers may reserve swim lanes on our club's computerized Reservation System or at the front desk, or join us for our triathlon training class for swimmers.

There are specific family swim hours set aside in our lap pools for you to enjoy swimming and water play with your family.

Half-hour Private Swim Lessons are available by contacting Frances Archer at (423) 266-1125. Cost varies depending on how many sessions you desire. There are instructors available to teach beginners through advanced stroke training and competition swimming. Lesson times are arranged with the instructor.

For more information on the Aquatic Programs contact: (423) 266-1125 Frances Archer at extension 123 or Teresa Wade at extension 103.

Grandmaster's/Low Impact Program

Each location of the SPORTSBARN offers specific classes for our mature members and exercisers who desire low impact activity. These classes focus on coordination, flexibility, muscle tone, balance and range of motion. You can work at your own activity level and ability. We also have low impact equipment for your cardiovascular workouts. Please see our Group Fitness Schedule for a listing of the Grandmaster's/Low Impact classes available at the location of your choice, or call or e-mail Frances Archer at (423) 266-1125