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Evolve is a six-week program geared toward body and lifestyle transformation. Using the proven approach of training, nutrition and support, Evolve brings weight into balance and bodies into a healthier state of being.

Not a diet. Not deprivation. Wholesome, sustaining food. Physical training that builds muscle, elevates metabolism and enables weight loss. Coaching that motivates and educates.

EVOLVE is about bodies in transition. Getting healthier and stronger. No matter what your starting point, Evolve and sportsbarn can help you make a transformation toward a positive healthstyle.

Our staff registered dietician, Gretchen Hammel, will host a monthly seminar throughout the year.  Some topics to be covered: "Dieting Myths", "Metabolism", "Calorie Balance."

You won't want to miss these! To see a calendar of classes, dates & locations: CLICK HERE


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Teresa Wade 
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