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At the SportsBarn we have all the equipment you need to obtain your fitness goals.  There are two keys areas of focus:

Strength Training     Cardio Fitness


Strength Training

We have a variety of strength training options. You can participate in an instructor led group fitness class, work with an instructor to develop an individualized program, or work out on your own.

Variable Resistance

Our strength center features the newest technology in variable resistance weight training machines that are ergonomically designed to enhance the efficiency, safety and comfort of your training program.



Free Weights

The Free Weight training area provides the flexibility to incorporate a variety of exercises and stimulate the recruitment of functional muscles during exercise.


 Core balance and conditioning

Always on the cutting edge… The Sports Barn provides the most up-to-date equipment for functional strength, balance and core conditioning training. By incorporating Stability Balls, Body Bars and BOSUS you will achieve peak performance with your conditioning regime.

Cardio Fitness

Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best health assurances we have. At The Sports Barn our cardio center features a large selection of treadmills, cross trainers and exercise bikes. Whether you are taking your first steps on a treadmill or training for competition, our cardio center is equipped to get you to your goal.

For your entertainment our Cardio areas are equipped with the latest audio/visual setups designed to melt the time away while you exercise. You can watch you favorite T.V. shows or listen to your own MP3 device.

At the Sports Barn, the fitness training reflects the latest advances in technology. With equipment such as:

* Free Motion
* Nautilus
* Life Fitness
* Star Trac
* Body Master
* Legend Fitness
* TRX Training
* Gravity Training
* Free Weight Equipment
* Paramount


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