Packages -

Single P.T. sessions are one hour in length and are best suited for…

  • A program check-up of current personal training clients. 
  • Experienced fitness participants seeking guidance on specific training areas. 
  • Anyone requiring a professional fitness consultation on their program goals. 

6-pack, 8-pack, 12-pack and 24-pack

There is no better way to stay true to your program, than to be accountable to your Trainer. Multiple session packages offer members on-going Trainer support and program development to achieve your program goals. Members also benefit from purchasing multiple sessions at discounted hourly rates.

Multiple session packages are great for…

  • Exercise adherence…stay motivated and focused on your fitness program and goals.
  • Continual support, guidance and feedback on your training progress.
  • Developing a positive client/trainer relationship enhancing long-term success.

Partner P.T. sessions

Team up with a friend for double the support, motivation and great value.

Group P.T. sessions

Check at the Sports Barn for special group Personal Training times