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As we age, our fitness needs and goals change. Exercise is safe, fun and beneficial for people of all ages. In fact, you are never too old to exercise! At the Sports Barn it is our mission to provide a longer and more enjoyable life for our seniors by expanding their awareness and their involvement in health and fitness activities. Come join the club and exercise for HEALTH!

The Sports Barn always offers free blood pressure testing.

Exercise Benefits  Exercise helps control blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, body weight and cholesterol levels. It can also help reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes. Exercise can also help manage back and arthritis pain, while enhancing balance and flexibility. Other benefits include: increased bone mass, reduction of osteoporosis risk, increased endurance, improved digestion, sleep and stress management, decreased depression, improvement in mental acuity and immune system.


The Sports Barn has designed special programs with our senior members in mind. Exercise programs at a reasonable pace with minimal impact and special attention to concerns such as balance & flexibility. Exercise to help prevent osteoporosis and maintain posture in a comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere ideal for those new to exercise or health club experiences.

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Contact  If you have any questions regarding our seniors program, please do not hesitate to contact our Senior Program Supervisor: Frances Archer    423.266.1125

Frances Archer is available to help answer any questions, take member's blood pressure or just listen to concerns.  The Sports Barn Personal Trainers are available to design an exercise program to meet your unique health needs.