Yoga Class Descriptions -
Yoga Class Descriptions

If you are new to yoga there is Yoga Basics offered every 6 weeks to get you started. From here you can explore to find the style of yoga that best fits your lifestyle.

Beginning Yoga:
This 6 week course is designed to teach you the basics of yoga and help you learn to modify the poses to meet your needs. This is a must for those wanting to start a yoga practice.

Continuing Yoga:
This class steps in where your beginning yoga left off . Here the yoga poses are explored at a deeper level and flow is introduced to create a more dynamic practice.

Intermediate Yoga:
This class is designed for those who have taken an Introduction to yoga and want to deepen their practice. Understanding how to modify for yourself this class will challenge you in a way that is appropriate for your body. Deeper levels of the poses will be explored

Power yoga:
This class offers a vigourois flow of yoga poses designed to build strength, increase muscle tone and make you sweat.

Flow yoga:
This class takes yoga poses and strings them together in a vinyasa (flow) to create a graceful yet challenging class. There are times when poses are held longer or explored a bit deeper.

Intro to Power Yoga:
This class is designed to teach the fundamentals of a power flow class for those of you new to yoga but desire a more strenuous class. Taking this class before Power yoga is recommended especially for new students.

Power Flow Yoga:
A flowing vinyasa style of yoga that uses heat to help stretch the muscles deeper and detox the body.

Yin Yoga:
Yin is a perfect compliment to your active yoga practice. In this class the poses are held longer and focus on the exhale for a deeper release in the body. In this Yin class there is no flow practice.

Iron Mat:
Combination of Mat Mix and Pilates based mat workout with calisthenics added.

Pilates Floor Work:
Traditional Pilates based workout.

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Yoga for Kids: Ages 3-6
Join us for yoga games, stories and music. 
Yoga is a non competitve environment in which your child can work on flexibility, strength, coordination , self awareness and relaxation.
Instructor. Barbara major