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VO2 Testing

Are you looking to "shape-up", shed those unwanted pounds and become more fit? Now you can look and feel better in just three easy steps!

Step One - Assess
With two easy 10 - 15 minute assessments, we take a "snapshot of your metabolism by: measuring your Resting Metabolic Rate to determine your daily caloric needs. We also assess your body's response to exercise

Step Two - Personal Program
With this new information, our nutrition and fitness specialists will design a custom program that really works for you.

You'll know:

-How many calories you can eat without gaining weight
and exactly how many calories to trim from your diet

-How to maximize your burn of calories from every workout.


Step Three - Achieve
Your personal program provides you with all the tools and information to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. This scientific approach will tip the "scales" in your favor!

Each assessment takes approximately 30 minutes. The cost for the initial exercise assessment is $125.00 and a follow up assessment is $60.00. The cost for the resting metabolic assessment is $125.00. For members who would like both assessments, the cost is $200.00. One test and 10 personal training sessions are available for $525.00 (If after testing you would like 10 personal training sessions they will be available for $400.00). One test and a nutrition consult is available for $200.00.

Contact Info:
Beverly Wright ([email protected]) or
Susan Shacklett
([email protected])







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