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Stroller Strides. Stroller Fitness class for expectant mothers
Monday and Thursday at 9:30am Downtown Sports Barn.
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Yoga at the SportsBarn
The Sports Barn offers a variety of yoga classes from certified instructors.  From Power Yoga to Low Impact yoga, the SB has a class that is suitable for any member. Though there are many aspects to the practice of yoga, here at the SB our emphasis is on the asanas(poses) and the dynamics of breath within those poses. Our classes will leave you feeling energized yet calm and relaxed.

If you are new to yoga there is Yoga Basics offered every 6 weeks to get you started. From here you can explore to find the style of yoga that best fits your lifestyle.

Intro to Yoga:  An introduction to yoga which will build a foundation in the basic poses and will lead you easily into our other classes.  We recommend that all beginners start here if possible.

Beginning Yoga: This 6 week course is designed to teach you the basics of yoga and help you learn to modify the poses to meet your needs. This is a must for those wanting to start a yoga practice.

Intermediate Yoga: This class is designed for those who have taken an Introduction to yoga and want to deepen their practice. Understanding how to modify for yourself this class will challenge you in a way that is appropriate for your body. Deeper levels of the poses will be explored

Power yoga: This class offers a vigourois flow of yoga poses designed to build strength, increase muscle tone and make you sweat.  

Flow yoga: This class takes yoga poses and strings them together in a vinyasa (flow) to create a graceful yet challenging class. There are times when poses are held longer or explored a bit deeper. 

Yoga for Athletes: This class is designed to work with our members who have tightness or repetitive injury due to playing hard. It is also great for building flexibility to give you an edge in your game. This class incorporates standing pose work as well as some flow. In this class we will address those areas most often affected in playing hard. 

Rocket Yoga: A class designed for the fitness enthusiast interested in enhancing their core strength.  This class is intended to sculpt and define the muscles with the use of flow yoga, Bosu, stability balls, core balls, and light weights on the mat.  An energetic class set to traditional yoga, techno, & popular dance music will enhance your power & agility. Discover this class it will strengthen your mind and body.

Intro to Power Yoga: This class is designed to teach the fundamentals of a power flow class for those of you new to yoga but desire a more strenuous class. Taking this class before Power yoga is recommended especially for new students.

Low Impact Yoga: In this class the emphasis is on the standing poses as well as poses that address tightness in the hips, shoulders and low back. There is no flow in this class making it ideal for those students with repetitive sport injuries or those who want the flexibility benefits of yoga without the sweat.

Power Flow Yoga:  A flowing vinyasa style of yoga that uses heat to help stretch the muscles deeper and detox the body.

Mat Mix: Combination of Mat Mix and Pilates based mat workout with calisthenics added.

Mat Flex: Freestyle Yoga/Pilates and calesthenics based mat workout incorporating light weights for added resistance.

Pilates Floor Work: Traditional Pilates based workout.

Seniors’ Fitness Class: Increase flexibility, balance, coordination, and posture.


Yoga Director: Becky Dempsey

  • Becky Dempsey, B.S. Human Services, certified yoga instructor thru Lighten Up yoga in Ashville, NC., Yoga Coordinator for the Sports Barn, and member of yoga alliance. Becky began her study of yoga 13 years ago and has taught since 1998. She continues her yoga studies though credits her many hours spent with Rodney Yee and Doug Keller as having most influenced her teaching style.
  • Shannan Billings, a practicing Virginia Tech Chemical Engineer and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt whose 25 years of dance training lead her to teach fitness in such places as Virginia, Iowa, Texas, and Tennessee since 1992.  Shannan holds such instructor certifications as ACE Group Fitness, YMCA Group Exercise and Strength Training, Kardio Kombat kickboxing, Black belt in Shito-ryu, Johnny G Spinning Star 3, AFAA Personal Trainer and Adv. Personal Trainer, IM=X Pilates Floorwork, Balletone, and BOSU.  Shannan is a licensed Personal Fitness Trainer by the National Board of Fitness Examiners.
  • Susan Bryant, after years of practicing yoga, Susan Bryant, RYT, CYT, wanted to share the mind- and body-transforming practice with others. She completed her 200-hour teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville , North Carolina . Her deep commitments to helping others heal led her to Integrative Yoga Therapy School in Prescott , AZ , where she received her 500-hour and 1000-hour certifications.

    Susan’s yoga-based approach to wellness incorporates breath work, the opening of students’ joints, stretching fascia, lengthening and softening tight muscles, and teaching proper structural alignment. These are achieved through therapeutic postures as well as traditional yoga postures.

    Susan specializes in working the athletic injuries. She has also recently become a certified Yoga-For-Golf teacher through the Katherine Roberts “Yoga for Golf” program in Scottsdale , AZ.
  • Kendall Crowder, has been practicing yoga since 1999 and completed her 200-hour certification at the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, North Carolina last spring. Prior to her formal teacher training, she studied and practiced Ashtanga yoga almost exclusively, building a strong base with teachers such as David Swenson and Chattanooga’s Asha Wolf. Currently, her primary practice style is vinyasa flow yoga.
  • Margaret Green, has been a student of yoga since 1987 and has taught yoga for the past 6 years. She is certified to teach in the White Lotus Flow Hatha-Vinyasa tradition as well as in the Iyengar style of yoga. Margaret teaches a dynamic heated class blending the two styles with hints, tools and principles.
  • Kristina Guy, Assistant Downtown Fitness Mgr. M.A. Criminology. Certifications: AFAA Group Fitness, PhysicalMind Institute Pilates, Aerobic Pipeline International. Specialties: general strength and conditioning, mat work.
  • Jana Huddleston is certified as a Group Exercise Instructor and personal trainer with the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America and began teaching fitness and conditioning classes in 1999. Jana completed her first yoga certification in 2002 opening an inhome studio in 2006. Jana works with both men and women of all ages and varying levels of fitness combining a gentle vinyasa style with dynamic conditioning elements to create a unique yoga experience, Jana’s practice includes slow flow yoga and traditional conditioning classes as well as private instruction.
  • Candy Kinsey , studied dance intensively and has been dancing and performing with Ballet Tennessee for the past ten years.  She is currently pursuing her membership with the Pilates Method Alliance and has approximately 200 hours of training and teaching.  She has been teaching Pilates mat classes locally and has trained with Ann Law.
  • Sara Mingus has been practicing yoga for the past 6 years and teaching for the past 4 years.  She is  a Registered Nurse who now uses her knowledge of healing to help prevent disease and injury through yoga. She has studied intensely with Baron Baptiste for the past 4 years, and hopes to make yoga accesible to everyone and every body.

  • Cheryl Rakauskas has been practicing yoga for 5 years and is a registered yoga teacher at the 200 hour level. She recently received her teaching certification through Frog Lotus Yoga in MA. Her main style of practice is vinyasa flow. She also holds a B.A. in elementary and special education from Miami University and a M.Ed. in learning disabilities from UGA. 
  • Jenny Smith, is a certified Yogafit Instuctor (Levels 1-4, Yoga for Tennis & Golf, YogaStrength, Yogabutt, YogaLean, Yoga for Pre/Post-Natal, Yoga for Seniors).  In addition, she holds AFAA credentials, trained in BOSU.   
  • Lana Maria Sutton has been a student of the defensive arts and dance for more than 25 years. She now integrates yoga into these practices. She is certified to teach Sports Yoga through the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association. She has a 5th Kyu in Aikido, and three belts in Taekwondo. Her dance training has been in belly dance, ballet and modern dance, although she has recently become a ballroom enthusiast.
  • April Turk, brings a dance background of 15 years into her teaching. Because of her background, she was naturally drawn to yoga and Pilates in 1997. She began teaching in 2000, and has studied Yoga with teachers such as Doug Keller, K-Lea Gifford and Beth Shaw and Diedra Daniels. April also branched out into teaching other fitness classes such as kickboxing, step aerobics, cycling, circuit / x-flex classes and personal training
  • Teresa Wade, The Sports Barn's Health and Fitness Director, B.S. in Criminal Justice, AFAA Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, ACSM Exercise Specialist, AFAA Yoga, Physical Mind Institute Pilates, Reebok RNT, ACE Lifestyle and Weight Management, Gravity Training Systems, Reebok 5 Point Screening/Core Board, BOSU Certified
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